Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd Cross-Training Workout

So I decided to give myself a second day off to let my blisters heal over before going back out on the road.  Below is the workout I did today.

First, I added a few new things to this workout, so let's go over quickly what those are. 

1.  Squat:  Pretty straight forward.  Start in a standing position and squat down to a sitting position.  I'll usually start these at a pretty steady pace and then as I get further into the work out I'll begin slowing down the beginning stand-to-squat and try to speed up the squat-to-stand to get more out of the exercise.  This is mainly geared towards the quadraceps. 

2.  Calf Extensions:  On a machine at the gym, these are typically done in a sitting position with the weights at a 45 degree angle or so up.  I don't have the machine, so I simply do them standing; it's the same idea, just using your own body as the weight.  You can always just carry dumbells in your hands too if you want more weight. 

3.  Core Twists:  To get into position, grab a light weight and sit down.  Lift your legs up off the ground;' I usually cross mine at the ankles for more stability.  Now lean back a bit until you feel it in your abs - your abs should be tight throughout this entire exercise.  If your abs loosen, you need to lean further back.  Once in position, pick up the weight and move it from one side of your body to the other (I usually let the weight just touch the ground in order to maintain that I'm not cheating and cutting it short) and back; now repeat.

For any other exercises, please refer to the previous post.  Ok, now how MUCH did I do?

Reps & Weights:
1.  Up-Downs  (15 reps with 10 lb weights)
2.  Squats  (30 reps)
3.  Crunch Ups  (3 sets of 5 sit-ups and 15 crunches)
4.  Push-Ups  (30 reps)
5.  Calf Extensions  (50 reps)
6.  Side-Turns  (10 reps, each side)
7.  Shoulder Press  (15 reps with 10 lbs)
8.  Bicep Curl  (15 reps with 50 lbs)
9.  Core Twists  (30 reps)

8.  Up-Downs  (15 reps with 10 lb weights)
9.  Squats  (30 reps)
10.  Crunch Ups  (3 sets of 10 sit-ups and 15 crunches)
11.  Push-Ups  (30 reps)
12.  Calf Extensions  (100 reps)
13.  Side-Turns  (15 reps, each side)
14.  Shoulder Press  (20 reps with 10 lbs)
15.  Bicep Curl  (15 reps with 50 lbs)
16.  Core Twists  (40 reps)

Tomorrow, I plan on being back out on the road with a 5k.  My game plan is to run short on Friday, long on Saturday, short on Sunday with a bike ride after (or maybe vice versa), cross train on monday, run tuesday and wednesday, cross train thursday, and repeat.  Obviously this will change based on how I feel, how well the weather cooperates, and what else is going on, but that's the game plan.

I will leave you today with the Ironman Trademark, which was written on the back of the course instructions for the very first Ironman triathlon in 1978...

"Swim 2.4 miles!  Bike 112 miles!  Run 26.2 miles!  Brag for the rest of your life!"

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