Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All In The Name of Science!

Tomorrow I am headed to Springfield, MA to participate in a research study for a fellow triathlete's dissertation work. 

I get to have my body fat percentage tested in a bod pod (the most accurate method available today) as well as my VO2 Max tested via (I believe) a treadmill intensity test. 

I am excited!!  Sure, being in the off season means my body fat will be higher than normal, but who cares!  It's the off season!  But the VO2 Max should be a helpful piece of data for next year's training. 

Plus, you're asking triathlete's for data they usually pay for.  Of course we're going to volunteer  Not only that, we're going to be the happiest lab rats you've ever seen.  We're endurance and data junkies!!


1.  Have you ever used a bod pod?
I'm hoping it doesn't shoot off to space.  I don't like zero gravity.  I've never been a fan of roller coasters.

2.  Have you ever had your VO2 Max tested?
This should be interesting!!

3.  Have you ever been a part of a research study?
I did a breathing study once.  I had to breathe through a tube for an hour, once with normal air and the other with 70% oxygen.  That was weird, but it paid!


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No bod pod for me... I like what Tanita tells me and am afraid what reality might reveal..