Thursday, November 29, 2012

Products I Want to Try

I've recently seen a couple of products via Facebook that I thought you guys might have interest in or at least have fun looking at/knowing about.  Of course, they're not available in any local store near me, so the chances of trying it out or even looking at them are zero, but I can dream.

The first is a new type of water bottle from Hydrapak. 

You're out on the bike, you reach down for your water and then into the bento box or your back pocket for a gel.  Then you have to reach back for your water to wash the gel down.  We're all pretty used to the process by now.  But Hydrapak has come out with a new water bottle that might help shorten that process. 

That's right!  Liquid and gel all in one!  There is a small central reservior called the "Energy Core" that holds 3.2 oz of gel (That's just under three full GU gels).  Check out the video on the website to see how it works.  For shorter races, say Olympic or Sprints (ones where I won't toss a bottle), this might work well.  You'd have to debate whether the displaced room for water would be worth it though.  Neat product idea either way.

The second product is a line of shoes I had never heard of before.  SKORA

As you know, I love my Pearl iZumi Streak IIs and ISO Transitions.  However, in my last trip to the shoe store, I discovered that I'd love if they lowered the heel-to-toe drop a little, but I would not want to sacrifice the thin 9mm front sole to do so.  SKORA gets the job done!  The shoes are zero-drop and have a 9mm sole.  Sounds perfect.  The only problem is that they have no retailers that I can see.  Therefore, in order to try them, I'd have to order them and risk the possible return.  And since I JUST bought a new pair of Streak IIs, I'll bide my time. 


1.  Have you seen or heard about the Gel-Bot or SKORA?  If so, have you ever tried them?

2.  Any interesting products or companies that you think we haven't heard about? 

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.  


Unknown said...

Hey Kurt,
We do not currently have a retailer in Connecticut, but there is one in Northampton, MA.
Also, at, we do offer free returns & exchanges on unused pairs.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Michael said...

I've heard of the Skora brand, but never tried them.

I haven't seen the Gelbot but that looks pretty cool.

Unknown said...

I've heard mixed reviews of the gelbot. With trying anyway!

Miguel Vieira said...

Hey Kurt,

I know of a spanish nutrition company called 226ers who are quite competitive with the big brands in Spain and are stepping up their game in Europe as well. I hadnt, however, heard of any of these brands.