Saturday, April 21, 2012

Running Shoe Confirmation

No, my shoe has not been attending Running Divinity lessons.  I should look into those though!

Anyways...  After this morning's running group, I headed with a friend to the local running store, Fleet Feet.  I've started thinking I'm nearing the end of my current running shoes, the Pearl Izumi Streak IIs.  I've considered getting another pair of them since they worked so well for me.  However, they've been a bother on my longer runs lately.  Both feet are starting to get blisters from moving around a bit much in the toe box.  My right foot also has started feeling a pain on the lateral ball of the foot and it coincides with that side of the shoe becoming discolored. 

With that in mind, I've debated whether I should get a different pair of shoes or the same ones.  These shoes were the most expensive ones I've ever had and I'm not a fan of spending money when I can get away with spending less. 

At the shop, I tried on a pair of Brooks and the Adidas adiZero Boston.  The Brooks were incredibly cushiony and had a material injected in the EVA that was like a green gel we played with back in high school earth science.  As pressure is applied to it slowly, it gives way easily.  As the velocity of the pressure is increased, the material stiffens.  Pretty cool!  Altogether, the cushion was too much and the midfoot was a bit tight.  The Adidas Bostons were much better in the midfoot, but too tight in the toe box. 

Lastly, I tried a new pair of the Streak IIs on and as i slipped my foot into it, it felt like putting on an incredibly comfortable slipper that wrapped snuggly around my foot.  They're incredible!!  The size 11s felt much better than my current size 11.5s, but the toe box is just a tad too short.  So unless I find a different pair or shoes that I like, it'll be another pair of Pearl Izumi Streak IIs! 

Not to mention I might order a pair of the Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions next week. 


1.  Do you have a 'go to' running shoes?

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Anonymous said...

My feet and body are so sensitive to what I put on my feet,shoes are a pain for me.

Anonymous said...

One other excellent fact about the ASICS-Gel Kayano 16 running shoes is that, removal of some of the materials from the shoes, give the feeling of a bigger toe box making the feet feel more flexible inside the shoe. This technology combined with the high-end components turn these products into some of the best shoes for running available on the market! These running shoes can be used everyday for running, gym classes or exerzise as they are very durable and able to withstand a lot!

Suz and Allan said...

I've got two pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders that I prefer to run my longer runs in but overall I've got over 10 pairs of shoes that I run in. I've got a few pairs that are great for a 5K because they are light and have some support but for a longer run I have to have something with more support. Good luck with your running shoe search!