Friday, January 8, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 010 - "I Forgot"

Which is it?!

It's morning.  You wake up, get a quick bite to eat, and slowly get ready for your workout.  Of course there's a little procrastination in the speed of your preparations, but oh-well.  Fill a bottle, pack your bag, grab the Bodyglide, write down the workout...  You've got time.

Somewhere in the process you remember that you forgot to wash your bike shorts, left your wet swim suit at the bottom of the bag, failed to pick up the nutrition you knew you were out of, blanked on a meeting/appointment/errand that you had, or all of the above.  OMG!  What do I do?!

We've all done it!

The next five minutes (or two hours) are spent asking yourself a number of questions...

"What do I do?"
"Do I want to do it anyways?"
"Can I get away without doing it?"
"Will coach yell at me?"
"Will I feel bad if I just skip it?"
"Can I get it done LATER?"
"Maybe this is a sign"
"I'd be a badass if I do it anyways!"
"Bragging rights!!"
"...or I could take a nap!"

What to do!  What to do!  Which side will prevail?  The Type A Triathlete or the Type L (for lazy) Devil on your Shoulder?  Did you honestly forget something or was it your subconscious attempting to undermine your efforts?

"If I honestly forget it,
then my Type A side doesn't have to feel guilty!"

Nice try!

Freakin' A!!

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