Friday, January 15, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 011 - Rumbly in my Tumbly

Has it happened to you??

Maybe you're out on a long ride, a long morning run (without breakfast), somewhere in the middle of the open water, or just at the local gym on the other side of town lifting...


Your body starts talking to you.  Sure, at first it's just air moving around as chyme is moving out of your stomach via the pyloric sphincter into your duodenum (can you tell I'm brushing up on A&P and nutrition?). 

You reach for a gel, bar, chew, or the like and Gosh Darnit, you're out!

It doesn't even bother you.  Totally normal.  In fact, it means you're lighter than if you had eaten that extra snack/meal you considered earlier.  That means you're faster, right?  Awesome!!

Sure, it's loud, but it'll go away.  ...right?

I'll just drink some more water; fill up that space and take care of the Ghrelin signal that I'm hungry.  I'm so smart!!

I'm just too focused on it!  That's it!  If I can distract myself, it'll go away and won't have any effect.


I think my stomach is starting to eat itself.  Okay buddy, speed up here and we'll get home to eat quicker before it gets any worse!

Ah Hell, I've increased my metabolism and my innards are cannibalizing my other organs.

My body is going to become a black hole of hunger, consuming everything within reach and slowly sucking the universe into it's dark depths!!  Goodbye cruel world!!


Yup...  It's hunger.  Maybe you didn't get enough.  Maybe you didn't get the right thing.  Maybe you spilled most of it on your shirt.  However it happened, you are stranded with a constant nagging reminder of your hunger

To be honest, it always make me think of Pooh Bear and his constant search for hunny. 

Oh Bother!!


Dennis Bosse said...

Nice! Always working on the balance between hunger and proper fueling.. WIll find it one day.

Runners Fuel said...

I remember that feeling! I hate running out of food when I'm on a run. That's the worst!