Thursday, April 11, 2013

TTT: Ultra cooking toughness (It's not what you think)

JFK 50 Registration

Call me crazy.  No really, it's ok.  Everyone else does already.  As of yesterday, my registration paperwork and fee were in the mail for the 50th anniversary of this race.

Am I nervous?  You bet!  I still am not back to running 100%, I have two Ironmans to get through, a stab at BQ'ing one month prior to this race, and this will be my very first ultramarathon.  *big sigh*  But hey, this one is just for fun (aka, I haven't solidified my time goal yet). 

There's no use in getting nervous yet though.  The registration is all by mail, so I have to keep an eye on the website to see if I make it onto the registered list.  Once I'm on there, then I have cause to worry.  Haha.  But if anyone lives in the Boonsboro, MD area and would like the opportunity to house this very kind gentlemen, I'll be accepting invitations shortly.  =D

Recipes Needed!

Part of this years resolution was to start keeping lists of meals that I make.  The fact is that I am very much a creature of habit and could stick with three meals for as long as 3-4 months, but I'll never remember one that I used to make before.  Therefore, I needed to actually write them down and keep track of them so that I had a reference. 

I have been testing out a few recipes already and I have two that I'm already excited to share; the first will be out tomorrow.  What I've done is add a new tab to the top of the page; "Recipe Book."  When I find a new recipe that I love, I'll blog it and list it under that tab for quick referencing. 

So PLEASE feel free to send me your favorite recipes; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, and anything in between.  I'm open to trying anything.  Ok, almost anything. 

Mental Toughness

...the fourth discipline of triathlon.  Or the fifth, maybe sixth depending on how you're counting. 

Given my calf injury, I've been hesitant to riding outdoors just yet; if it acts up I'd prefer not to be X number of miles away from home.  So last weekend I hopped the trainer for a 40 mile ride.  While you can guess that it sucked, it turned out to be a great workout.

It took me 2:20 to finish, but I was mentally ready to bail just before I hit the 1:30 mark.  I really was in the zone all the way until at least 1:15 or 1:20 and then it just went downhill (most likely the wall getting tapped on).  This left me with 50 minutes of a real mental workout.  Wow was I glad when I saw that 40.0 number!!  But more than that, I was really proud of making it through the workout. 

The leg is getting better and I'm ready to start testing it outdoors, but I was so struck by the long trainer ride that I may very well hop the trainer again this weekend for my 50 mile ride.

Am I crazy?!

...moreso than normal?


1.  Have you ever had races that you register by mail instead of online?
It seemed so archaic to have to mail it in.  However, the price for a money order was better than Active's processing fee!!  =D

2.  What's your favorite food?  You don't have to be a wanna-be chef to suggest food ideas!!

3.  How far have you gotten on the trainer and/or treadmill?
40 miles is my distance PR on the trainer, 4 miles for the treadmill.

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I do a recipe a week every Tuesday on my blog.

ajh said...

My daughter got into that 50 miler. The process sounded a bit different. You have some major races coming up.