Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Doctor's Visit


That's what the doc said.  I've got signs of tendonitis.  But wait!  It's not in one spot, but three tendons / junctions in my right calf; the Achilles, the attachment of the Soleus, and the attachment of the Gastrocnemius. When I get injured, I don't do it lightly!

Yay.  (Can you sense the excitement?)

After a week post-visit the last time, I started running and felt great but then had a very small tweak a week later that made me back off just out of being cautious.  Since then I've had tension showing up in my Achilles and finally decided to have it checked.  The doc was glad to see that I'm coming in very quickly and not letting things get worse.

This is what I told him.  "I have a major race in 5 weeks.  If it's possible to heal in time, I will do whatever it takes.  Just tell me what to do." 

His response: "Stretch!!  And don't do anything that hurts." 

So swimming and most cycling is still on the table.  I'm still backed off of running, but I've recently started using the Arc Trainer at work to get in some running-like work.  I did an hour the other day which turned out to burn nearly 1100 calories.  I'll be on there until I can get the pain to subside completely.  

I'm just trying to stay positive.


1.  Have you ever had tendonitis?  What was your experience?
I'm happy to take pointers from anyone with experience in this area.  I know I can rely heavily on my winter training for the endurance and mental aspect, but I'm itching to keep up the speed, so it helps to know how long others took to heal / rehabilitate.

2.  Do you go to the doctor regularly?  What would be required for you to make a sick visit?
I'm stubborn when it comes to going to the doctor.  If I get a cold, it doesn't even cross my mind to see a doc.  "All they're going to do is charge me for telling me what I already know" is my mentality.  But for injuries that affect my training, I'm much more willing!

3.  What are you up to this weekend?!  
Let me live vicariously through your adventures!

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

water running. boring as hell but it works


I have "age"... sometimes hard to differentiate between it and other ailments...

ajh said...

Ten mile run and a looooong bike ride tomorrow.

EnduranceAddict said...

I had achilles tendonitis during the fall xc season, and after nearly a week (5/6 days), it was healed. Back to a full running schedule - no need to ease back into it or hop on the bike a few days first. So as much as it sucks not to be suffering at least once a day, it's worth it.

This weekend consists of a metric century for an alzheimer's charity saturday, and hopefully a bike/run brick sunday.

Caroline said...

Ah sorry you are dealing with this. I am too. Mine is in the knee. I am pool running these days. It is harder than it looks so I guess it means it is working. Icing, stretching, foam rolling.