Thursday, January 31, 2013

TTT: Everything Is Coming Together

The Best Wakeup Email Ever
Checking our email (or voicemail, text messages, etc.) is probably one of the things we all do as we're still waking up.  Am I right?  Put on the pot of coffee, grab a banana, sit down at the table/desk, and pop open our email and facebook...  "I wonder what happened while I was asleep."

If you remember my 2013 Race Schedule, the next big race is the Hyannis Marathon in Hyannis, MA.  Unfortunately I had been the typical procrastinator and registration was already filled up by the time I got around to forking over the money.  I tried emailing the race coordinator, but there was no two ways about it; the race was full.  At that point, I did what all good athletes do, went with my backup race, the Colchester Half Marathon.  This put my marathon attempt on hold until May - BOOOOO!!!! - but there wasn't anything I could do.  Until...

Monday night, the race coordinator emailed me...

we have opened five available marathon spots - first come first serve.  

Simple.  Sweet.  I read the email Tuesday morning while in my typical groggy state before work and let me tell you!...  I have never signed up for a race so fast!  This puts me right back on schedule.  I've got 3 weeks of marathon speed work and then I can dive into my triathlon and ultra training.  It's nice to be back on track. 

A New Toy!
I woke up rather early this morning.  "Why is that?" you might wonder.  It's not because I enjoy missing sleep.  No.  I enjoy my sleep!  Even when we have a high wind advisory and everyone on facebook is talking about how they couldn't get a wink of sleep, I sleep like a baby!!  But I woke up to an alarm this morning (a dreaded event any time it occurs) in order to purchase a new toy.

My new bicycle trainer, the CycleOps Fluid2.  This will replace my Blackburn Trackstand Mag 3 trainer which I outgrew almost as soon as I bought it.  Hopefully this will help me A) stay motivated to do more cycling this winter/spring, B) provide a much higher ceiling for me to reach for and get stronger as a cyclist, and C) allow me to train at earlier and later hours of the day without fear of bothering the neighbors.

Make Use of What You Are Given
Speaking of motivation, it is currently 9:30am here in CT and it's officially 50 degrees.  It's January 31st!  The low pressure system coming through is raising temps for a few days and yesterday I decided to make full use of the opportunity.

Granted, it was rather foggy from the heat, the snow on the ground, and the rain, but I got in 12.8 wet and soggy miles. 

What a great decision to go with the white compression sleeves!  Duh!!!  But either way, I got the miles in at just under my marathon goal pace (goal pace is 8:00, my run pace was 7:42).  After learning my lesson at my first marathon, this time I am planning to stick to my goal pace for at LEAST the first 15 miles. 


1.  Do you plan backup races?  Have you ever snuck into a race after registration has filled?
I don't typically arrange back up races, but I have quite the list of races to fall back on if I need to find a new one.

2.  What trainer do you use?  Do you like the trainer or the road better?
I much prefer riding on the road, but I require 60 degree temps before I head out.  

3.  Have you been hit by oddly warm January temps?  If so, have you made use of them?  If not, what type of weather are you dealing with today?
I got in 12.8 miles yesterday and I'll test out the new trainer today, leaving a short run for tomorrow and my speed work group for Saturday morning.

4.  Finally, who are you rooting for on Sunday?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

1- Not really, although it is pretty cool you got into that race

2- A fluid, nice and quiet

3 - A warm day in Jan or Feb just means something NASTY is coming, and it did, it is going to be in the 20's the rest of week here

4 The Red Wings, being a Lions fan, I resort to hockey this time of the year

bradleyd3 said...

Just found your blog....I'm in the process of becoming an Ironman.

1. Never snuck into a race. Don't have a back up plan other than "run that distance on that day"

2. Travel Trac IV. Like you...needs to be warm to ride outside.

3. Gotten more running in outside with the temps. Super Great!

4. I'm rooting for the Harbaugh team with the 2 Texas Longhorns on the team.
(with is both of them....haha)

Coy Martinez said...

I DO normally have a back up race yes! I've never snuck in after one has closed though.

I AM GRINNING SO BIG! WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME BIG TRAINER! I have the Cycle Ops as well! That same one and I love mine!

It was almost 70 here on Tuesday! I went for a run outside and it was glorious. 6 am the next morning it sounded like a train was coming through my window.


1. no
2. no trainer, I live in the world of 365 riding
3. See 2.
4. Andy Potts at Panama 70.3