Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to My Journey

Hi.  My name is Kurt and I... will... be...  an Ironman

Welcome to my journey.

I will eventually come to all the details and updates in time.  But in short, this past spring a friend suggested I give a triathlon a try.  After four sprint triathlons, I jumped a bit early on the chance to do an Olympic triathlon and then a second Olympic a week later.  I was hooked! I've found myself filled with what people are calling "crazy" ideas.  I've found myself full of feelings I haven't had since my high school sport days, so I'm taking it all and seeing how far I can go with it.  The ultimate goal is I want to complete an Ironman Triathlon.  I want to be an Ironman.  And I want to do it before 2014.

So why am I starting the blog?  A few reasons actually.
1.  By making my goal(s) public, it will help me stick to them.
2.  I'm hoping I can find people to help me learn things (how to train, nutrition, racing tips, etc.)
3.  I want to use this opportunity to see if I can inspire even just one person to be more active and healthy

The blog will unfold on it's own, but I've got three years I plan to be here.  I'll post my training schedule, my general nutrition, my goals, my updates, my injuries, and my slip-ups (yes, they will happen).  Any tips, comments, questions, and such are always welcome.

So here it is:
My name is Kurt.  Today is August 25th, 2010.  And in three years I will be an Ironman.


易钧 said...

"I've found myself full of feelings I haven't had since my high school sport days."
I like this sentence. A strong sympathy just hit me when i read that and can't agree more.

CupCake said...

Good Luck!!!

wojo said...

@L.Z. - It's incredible how much you forget over time. But it certainly feels good to have some of those feelings back, some of that immortality. Just hoping I won't lose them again.

易钧 said...

EXACTLY!I'm still getting overexcited these days whenever I think about "I'm really getting back to races." As you said there's still something immortal deep in my mind, unless it got re-ignited, you even don't know it's still there, strong as ever.
And I strongly believe you won't lose such feeling again. Just be confident!Plus you're not alone in getting back! I'm also starting training myself seriously again, and I do keep blogging about it as well(although I've been using msn space and of course mostly in Chinese). But we can accompany each other!I was just saying that day that sometimes I'll still feel lonely although I'm always used to going by myself. SO GLAD you get back to the feeling almost at the same time! And I'm sure you won't have a chance to slip up with me pushing you!lol~

Faerunner said...

Good luck! I haven't run since high school, except for a few halfhearted tries to get back into it. I have no running partner, which makes it difficult. I'm going to follow your blog though, and maybe your success will encourage me to get back on my feet and try again myself.