Friday, March 4, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 018 - STOP!

Has this happened to you?!

Technology is great!  As triathletes, we use so many forms of new designs, electronics, and gadgets.  Heck, we could be called the 'Sport of Gadgets.'  But every so often it's the gadget that ruins the workout.  Just when we thought we had it all going for us, BAM!  Nothing you can do.

Here's one of my pet peeves - Treadmills.

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I dislike treadmills altogether.  I've run in just about any weather there is in the north east in order to avoid treadmills.  Well, surprise!  I've been using the treadmill more than the outdoors so far this winter.  I know!  Crazy!!  And we're having an incredibly mild winter.  It's all for the sake of heat and mental training.  But anyways...  One thing I really dislike on cardio equipment is the time limitation.  As endurance athletes, we are the unfortunate exception when it comes to most gym workouts.

Who says my workout can only be 60 minutes?!

When I first joined a gym back in 2010, the treadmills used to stop on me after 20 minutes.  Dead Stop!  I ran straight into the display of so many treadmills at that gym!  I no longer go there.  I "put them down" if you know what I mean.

Fast forward to today...  Now that I WORK at a gym, I have made sure that all cardio equipment is set for an unlimited length of time for workouts.  They will not stop on you until you tell it to or your self-selected program does.  

However, the gym that I frequent for my own workouts doesn't feel the same. 

Running on a treadmill at most gyms
is like Treadmill Russian Roulette.
You never know which one is going to be loaded.

I have learned of two at this gym that are programmed not to stop at 60 minutes.  If my run has me going longer, I preferentially chose one of those two; even if it means I'm getting onto a treadmill right next to someone else and there are a long string of open ones down the aisle.  Sorry buddy - it's your lucky day!

I had to learn this the hard way though.  And what do you do??  Some will restart quickly and you can keep going.  Some have shut down for multiple minutes forcing me to jump onto the treadmill next to it.  Some stop suddently!  Thankfully these ones go into a Cool Down mode so it's a slower process.  Either way, it's annoying!

When I have a 75 minute, 90 minutes, or 2 hour run, I don't want to have to stop part way in just because of the technology being limiting!  I've already kept myself from taking a bathroom break! 

Just let me RUN!

Freakin' A!!!

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