Friday, December 4, 2015

Freakin' A Friday!! 005 - Look Both Ways Please

How many times has this happened to you??

You're enjoying a nice long run.  Plenty of good weather, other runners out on the sidewalk and roads, and lots of light (no dark run today!).  The adrenaline and endorphins are running high!

Then you come up on either a parking lot exit or a crossroad with a stoplight/sign.  As you approach, you can see around the corner quite clearly as should the car that is approaching.  However, as they approach the exit/street, you're watching their head which is pointed in the opposite direction of you; presumably looking for traffic.

You approach the crosswalk at your own speed just KNOWING what is about to happen.  "Please don't let me be the next 'Runner hit by car' headline."

The car approaches the crosswalk completely ignorant of you being there (or anything on that side of the car.  It could be T-Rex and they wouldn't know).

Then at the last moment before they pull out, they turn to look forward and...


There you are right smack in front of them.  They SLAM on the brakes.  You hear the screech of the tires.  Their hands shoot up.  We choose to assume they're saying sorry instead of something else.  You may have even tapped your hand on the car hood as you ran by in a way of saying "Thank you for not hitting me.  Please look both ways next time."

Freakin' A!!

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