Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Triathlon Research - Coaching Clinic Day #1

Hello again from the foothills of the Colorado Rockies!

I am back in Colorado for Triathlon Research's coaching certification clinic in Denver.  This program is an intensive six days of instruction; unheard of in the realm of sports certification and education.  Day one was yesterday (Monday) and this week is shaping up to be quite packed with information.  Having completed my USAT Level 1 certification course the Friday and Saturday prior, it is going to be a rather information packed week altogether.

We began Day #1 with breakfast at the Hampton Inn and then moved to the conference room for our morning session, Exercise Physiology and Athlete Monitoring.

The session was led by Bob Seebohar from the eNRG Performance Lab, who is an incredible presenter and very well versed exercise physiologist and sports dietitian.  He began by pulling us outdoors where we got a visual example of what coaching vs. writing training plans was.  He also put three coaches on the spot to put us through a warm up.  Great experience!

 Back inside, we went over 4 hours of exercise physiology and athlete monitoring including testing methods, when to test, what use testing has, what use monitoring your athlete plays in their progress and your business, and so much more.

For lunch, eNRG performance chef Adam (chef, sports dietitian, and culinary professor and Johnson & Wales) made us food specifically based on the Metabolic Efficiency principles

Our afternoon session was inside the eNRG performance lab and covered nutrition.  You can tell that Bob would go on for DAYS without getting bored.  His passion for the subject is incredible!

Dinner was back at the hotel.  Chef Adam grilled salmon on the back porch along with various salads; again based on the metabolic efficiency principles.

At the last moment, we were offered the opportunity to get in a local pool for open swim.  Five of us jumped on it.  The Foothills Park & Recreation District is an INCREDIBLE facility!  I am excited to get back in later this week for the swim portion of the week.

You also cannot be in this area without looking in awe at the beautiful Colorado Rockies!  What a beautiful back drop to the week.

Today is the run; a morning lecture and afternoon activity session.  I can't wait!


1.  What certifications have you earned and how did they relate to six full days of instruction?

2.  Where would your ideal location be to have your next certification?  Would it be tropical, mountainous, or remote?
I love the mountain back drop!  ...not so much the altitude acclimation.


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