Thursday, August 27, 2015

Triathlon Research Coaching Camp - Day #2

Welcome to Day #2; the run!  As always, it started out with breakfast.  Bob Seebohar (founder of "Metabolic Efficiency") may not approve much of the options, but he at least provided us guidelines of how to make the best choice with the options provided.  If only they could get more hard-boiled eggs!

Then we headed to the hotel conference room to go over an overview of the run.

Off to the South Valley Park in the Ken-Caryl Valley. 

Reem Jishi, who has worked extensively with Bobby McGee, took us through a number of activation exercises and running drills.  As coaches, we paired up and retaught our partners as if they were our athletes.  This is by far the best part of camp; the practical application of the skills and getting experience with different types of athletes (we're all different) along with getting input from everyone else at the same time.

We also took videos of everyone's run so that we could analyze them later in the day as well as get used to how to video tape and some of the software that is available out there.  

The Ken-Caryl Valley was a beautiful backdrop to our morning.

Back at the eNRG Performance Lab, we had yet another delicious meal.  The food is beyond amazing and all in line with the Bob's Metabolic Efficiency principles.  I would switch right now if I could have these meals every day! 

Our afternoon session involved analyzing our videos from the morning run.  We went through what to look at, how to identify weaknesses, how to show our athletes, and how to address their weaknesses.

Before dinner, I headed out for a bike ride through the Ken-Caryl Valley and snapped a number of pictures.  I think it's easy to see that I love scenery photos and the mountains!

The wind REALLY picked up on my final interval.  Once I got back into the Ken-Caryl Valley, I saw why the wind had picked up.  RAIN!  I even saw lightning.  I ended up with an extra interval trying to get back to the hotel before the weather got to me.

But you can't go out with the required selfie.

Back at the hotel, dinner was served!  Each meal seems to outdo the last. It's incredible!  Chef Adam is amazing.

Day #2 was an incredibly in depth view of the run, drills, and analyzing methods.  They left us quite well prepared to go home and coordinate a run clinic as well as how to identify weaknesses in our athletes to address.

Homework time!

Tonight, we had to perform an interview and assessment of a partner's food log based on a recall from Sunday, the day on which most of us traveled.  After obtaining the meal timing, what they ate, and why they ate it, we were required to assess what and why they ate.  While I am by no means a dietitian, it was eye opening to really pick apart not only WHAT my partner ate, but the WHY.  With Bob's guidelines for nutritional advice, the question of why became much more important in coming up with our comments and suggestions.

Wednesday is the bike!


1.  Do you do any run drills regularly?

2.  Have you ever attended a run clinic?

3.  What is the most beautiful place you've ever trained in?


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