Friday, May 8, 2015

Looking Like Professionals in Boulder

Thanks to the great work of Paul Phillips and the photography crew at the Triathlon Research camp in Boulder, everything we've done has been photographed and video taped.  We were told at the outset that it was their job to make us look like professionals.  And with so many professionals around us, we have a lot to compare to. 

I was able to get a peek at some of the shots we've had thus far and they are awesome.  Paul even had a gallery posted online by Triathlete Magazine.  For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the others.

The pool at Rally Sports.  There's both an indoor and outdoor.  Swimming clinc with Eney Jones and Rebekah Keat.

Frank from Power Cranks giving us a taste of pedaling technique.

The ROCKING staff at Rally Sport.  Thanks guys!!

The cycling studio with Wahoo Kickrs.

Our seminar with Siri Lindley, Mirinda Carfrae, and Rafa Gonclaves.

Running clinic with Bobby McGee.

Strength clinic with Erin Carson.

Overall, I think they're doing an awesome job.  We look darn good!  Maybe that's all that it takes to move up to that level; an awesome photographer. 

Two more days in Boulder and lots more to go!


1.  Have you ever had a race photo that blew you away?
These photos are better than almost anything I've seen from a race.

2.  What clinic would you look forward to most?  Swim, bike, run, strength/recovery, nutrition/training?
Every one has been awesome!


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