Monday, May 4, 2015

I Am Off (to Colorado)!!

I had so many plans to write entries here about all the things going on leading up to camp.  I really did.  I always have grand plans.  But as usual, they fell through.  Sorry!!

I am writing from the gate at Bradley International where I'm waiting for my flight out to Colorado.  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  It's been slowly building ever since I posted about going to the camp, but due to lots of other things going on, it hadn't bubbled to the surface until just today. 

Let's start with today.  Today was crazy!

I woke up at 5:30am which I absolutely love!!  #EARLYBIRD  My job at the gym has changed slightly by getting into personal training.  Along with that comes a bit of a change in my schedule allowing me to get to bed earlier.  Early to bed means early to wake!  I got up and spent some time getting putting things together.  Then I headed into work for a bit.  Since I'm missing all of next week, I fit in some clients early today. 

Then I was off to UHart where I had to take my Anatomy & Physiology II final. 

My professor was kind enough to allow me to take my final early (normally scheduled for this Friday).  I hurried as quickly as I could through rush hour traffic and eventually made it to campus and her office.  I can only say "I think," but I think it went well.

At that point, all of the other feelings that had previously masked my excitement  for this trip were gone. 


Well, that is once I got to the airport.  After my final, I rushed home (unsure of how long it would take to lug my bike box down the stairs, into my car and then around the airport).  Thankfully, the whole 59 pounds of bike, box, and gear moved around quite nicely.  I hope it does the same for TSA or else my next post may be fuming due to a broken bike. 

Here's a bit about camp.

I'm arriving later today and camp goes from 5am tomorrow (Tuesday) through about 8pm Saturday.  About 45 athletes and 12 coaches will be working with some of the top professionals in each of the various disciplines. 

  • Mirinda Carfrae (3x Ironman World Champion)
  • Siri Lindley (Mirinda's Coach)
  • Eney Jones (Siri & Rinny's swim coach)
  • Bobby McGee (6 time Olympic run coach)
  • Ivan O'Gorman (Rinny & Crowie's bike fitter)
  • Charlotte Saunders (Siri's nutrition coach)
  • Erin Carson (Rinny's strength & conditioning coach)
  • Seton Glagget ( Founder)

With those people alone, this camp is worth while.  Sure, there are a lot of us, but the whole group is split up into smaller squads (Go Green Squad!).  We'll get small group and one-on-one time with each person listed above.  We're also doing form analysis, FTP testing, among plenty of other extras (massages, yoga, bike fit, lactate threshold test, etc).  This camp is PACKED!!  It's so packed that we are started each day at 5AM!! 

Remember how I said I was an early bird above?  That's going to come in good use this week when we have to be awake and eat at 5am and alert by 6am.  It'll be 8am for me!! 

I'll be doing my best to write a short post every night during camp, but if you recall how well my plans go, it might end up being infrequent or all pushed into one long post on Sunday.  I did get an afternoon flight on Sunday so that I had time on Sunday to pack my bike, get online, and hopefully get out to enjoy Colorado one last time. 

Stay tuned for more super excited news from Colorado!

Okay...  Time to put in the headphones and listen to Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable for the next 5-6 hours. 


1.  Have you ever been to a triathlon training camp?  If so, where was it?
I've been to a local tri team (HEAT)'s IMLP camp and my Valor Triathlon Project team's IMLP camp.  This will be my first real big deal camp. 

2.  If you had to move to a different state or country right now, where would you go?
I'd move to Colorado!  I'm practicing "I missed my return flight" excuse already.  haha

3.  What would you ask the list of above professionals?  
I've been amassing questions from friends to ask them and would love more to add to the list.


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