Friday, November 29, 2013

Recovery Run

After last Saturday's JFK50 ultramarathon, I was quite predictably sore.  My muscles and joints ached and I hobbled for awhile.  Sunday was the worst.  By Monday, my joints were great, but my muscles were still very sore.  Tuesday felt the same as Monday.  ...until I went to coach.

On my way to coaching, I reserved myself to possibly standing by while my runner did her workout.  I didn't want to overextend myself.  However, I opted to give running a try.  Turns out, while I did stop a couple times, getting two miles of a recovery jog in was exactly what I needed.


Because as of Wednesday, I felt a TON better!!  My muscles were still a little sore; I wasn't suiting up to get in my own typical run yet!  But I was walking normal again and I could go through my full range of motion with very little pain.

It's tough to just sit around, but having stuff to do for Thanksgiving certainly helped keep my mind going.  I just threw in a bunch of pushup, dip, and crunch sets throughout the day and I've been able to get my endorphin fix without turning into a serial killer. 

Lesson to be Learned:
Sometimes an easy run is all you need!!


1.  Do you make use of recovery runs?

2.  What type of event leaves you the sorest?
Is it your lifting workouts, your long runs, or the speed work?

3.  How long of a recovery period do you take after your preferred distance race?


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