Monday, November 25, 2013

I am an Ultrarunner!!

As of 2:59pm Saturday, I finished my very first ultramarathon race.  That's right.  I am crazy and I love it.

Now I'm going to have to change my header image to include the 50 sticker!  Add that to the to-do list!

While I work on the race report, let me say a few things I came to discover over the span of 50 miles...

  1. You are guaranteed multiple mental and physical boosts and lows throughout the day.  I had two lows and three highs and the biggest help was knowing that eventually, each one would pass.  Yes, even the highs.  Expect them to expire!
  2. 50 miles is a lot easier than back-to-back marathons!  Disagree with me all you want.
  3. An Ironman is mentally easier than a 50 mile ultra  
    • (Ironman < 50 mile ultra < back-to-back marys)
  4. An ultra is just a big kids game of leap frog. 
  5. Everyone in an ultra is interesting!!  
  6. I need to work on my mental toughness.  My body is capable of a lot more than my mind says.
  7. I can see why most ultras are on trails.  Roads are so boring!!

As one runner asked me somewhere around mile 32, I am not about to give up triathlon to focus on ultra running, but I can see why people fall in love with it.  There's something about not just the thrill of running that far or in certain locations, but the mental and physical challenges of the day and being surprised at what your mind and body are capable of. 

Ok, time for another ice bath and stretching session!  Haha.  I'm gonna' be sore for another day or two.


1.  Which is harder: 50 mile ultra or Ironman?
The fact that you get to switch sports in an Ironman makes it much easier in my mind.

2.  What's your preference?, Trails or roads?
While I do 90+% of my training on the roads, I enjoy trails much more.



Caroline said...

Very impressive!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Congrats!! That's awesome! I think an IM is easier that's why I've done those and never attempted an ultra marathon. But I'm biased because running is my weakest of the 3.

Anonymous said... -
Because IM is basically a time trial with drafting penalties and rules that you cannot have a pacer during the run, I found IM harder than 50 miles. Ultra-running is mentally (both personal and from other runners) viewed less as a race than a race against one's self. Therefore, the interesting people (yes, I very much agree that all ultra-runners are interesting) are far more friendly, helpful, and encouraging.

congratulations on completing your 50 mi ultra. Having only run that far (American River 50, 1998), that is my furthest, however I paced a friend the year before over the last 38 of Western States 100. I have to say, you haven't had fun in an ultra until you've crossed the American River at Rucky Chucky river crossing (hand over hand on a rope held taught by a jeep on the far side of the river at 4AM!

Venus Factor Review said...

Congrats!! That's awesome!