Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Nawa Sooa Soba Saab!"

Roughly translated from its rare foreign dialect, the title of today's post means "I am extremely jealous.  I hope you enjoyed your run." 

...or that's at least what I'm going to assume. 

The last two days have been incredibly nice for going outdoors here in CT!  We've been over 50 degrees.  I ended up working an extra shift on Tuesday when it was 58, but I managed to get in a nice mid-distance run yesterday while it was still 53 at 10am.  Crazy!!!  It's December!

On the flip side, "It's 53 whole degrees out!  Do you people not understand this?"  That's what was going through my head throughout my run.  My summer running attire consists of shoes and socks (obviously), short shorts, and a running hat.  The coldest I've run in that set of clothes is 55 at the Hogsback Half Marathon in September.  Yesterday, all I added to the ensemble was a headband to cover my ears which I lifted off after 2 miles, and arm warmers.  I got a lot of people turning their heads.  I was honestly waiting for a car accident to occur with all the scarf-wearing drivers who were turning to look at me.  

And the final tip of the day - the title of today's post - came from the driver of a dump truck as he drove by while I was stretching post-run.  I am certainly not a language person, but I think it's safe to assume my above translation is close enough.


1.  At what temperature do you begin to add/exchange clothing to your summer attire?
Usually once it goes below 60, I put a shirt on and then my tri shorts, tights, etc. as it gets colder.

2.  Have you run in summer attire in December before?
I can just about cross this one off the list of things to do.  The arm warmers still modified the ensemble.  

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.  

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CautiouslyAudacious said...

I know this is crazy I can't believe I'm running in shorts in December!! But just as luck would have it there is a storm rolling in just in time for a triathlon I signed up for this weekend! But I won't complain we are in a horrible drought and I will just layer up!