Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Confidence Booster!

This will be short.

I am in need of a solid 1+ hour nap 
and I still need to eat lunch, prep dinner, and get dressed 
before commuting to work in two hours. 

But anyways, with 18 days to go now until the Vegas 70.3, I am quite confident that I will be able to hold my own on the course!  First, I believe what you guys said - my previous fitness level should still hold out enough to get me through.  However, to add to that, I woke up this morning with the feeling that I should go for a long run.  That's smart, right?  Third run into your training schedule and you pack on the mileage? 

I went for an 8.5 mile run.  It was glorious!!

My foot bothered me for the first mile or so, but then went away leaving me to enjoy the next five or so miles in heavenly bliss!  The last couple of miles were tough because I started a blister on my pinky toe, my hip flexors were getting tight, and my knees had a slight pain.  Overall though, I made it 8.5 miles three runs into my training and now I'm mentally set for taking on the Vegas 70.3!

Hope you guys are having a WONDERFUL Tuesday!  It's nap time for me!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe.


Matthew Smith said...

I love those confidence boosters...especially when it is running. You're going to do so well in Vegas. Get some!

Erika said...

That is awesome!! Glad to hear you're feeling well and the foot held up for you.

I'm fighting off a hip injury and am having a tough time putting myself on the IR! I know I need to but I hate to think about doing that - I want to race more!

So excited for you for Vegas!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Awesome!!!Woohooo for Vegas!!!!

Colleen said...

Yeah, probably not what the doctors would like the hear, but the confidence boost is so worth it! ;) Great job!