Saturday, August 20, 2011

21 Days And Counting

Twenty-one days...

Three weeks...

Five-hundred and four hours...

What do you think you could accomplish in twenty-one days?  Could you train and be ready for a half marathon?  Well, whether I can or can't, that's exactly what I'm going to attempt (shut it peanut gallery!)

I have twenty-one days until the Las Vegas 70.3.  While normally this wouldn't have seemed like a short amount of time, my hyperextended foot required three and a half weeks of no running to feel mostly-normal (I'll admit it's not 100%).  However, I went running today for the first time and believe I am ready to get back to whatever type of training you call "throwing the run of a half ironman together in three weeks."  =P

Think it's doable?

I'm assuming my previous fitness and the recent biking have kept up my cardiovascular fitness.  I just hope my legs haven't been lost.  Worst case scenario, I end up walking more than I'd like. 

In other news, my 5K group started this morning.  We've got some repeat 5K'ers as well as some newbie runners, so it'll be a great mix of people.  I'm really hoping to make use of everyone's different experience levels to help one another out.  I've also got some highly anticipated finishers come October!; the first day and I'm already getting choked up thinking about them crossing the finish line having completely smashed their goals and hopes/dreams.  It's going to be a GREAT 8 weeks of training!!  (Which also means I only have 8 weeks to be ready for my very first marathon - *GASP*)


1.  What's the shortest training schedule you've ever put yourself through to get ready for a race?
Has anyone done a half mary on three weeks of training?

2.  How did your weekend kick off?  Anything exciting, fun, or just plain crazy?!
After coaching (which was awesome), I had to work.  I also work all day tomorrow, but tonight I plan on relaxing and finishing "Airframe" by Michael Crichton - I have a hard time putting it down.  

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe.


Caroline said...

1. no but I also only did 2 so far..number 3 is in 2 weeks. I think if you start from 0 training it is tough to get ready in 3 weeks but this is not your situation so I think that yes you can do it! If the cardio is ok I think you will be fine plus you are YOUNG!

2. Kicked off with a good 11 miler with 2 running partners that are 16 yrs younger than me!!!

I think it is fantastic that you are leading this group.

SupermomE12 said...

I think with your level of fitness that you will do just fine, even though the training time is less than ideal. So you have a vote of confidence from me! :)

Megan said...

I'm sure you'll be able to complete the 13.1 miles, but it may not be as fast as you'd hoped originally.

My weekend started with a long run, a medium bike, a lot of sun now some True Blood. :)

Matthew Smith said...

That's coming up so quickly! But, I know you're going to do so well because of where you are physically. What an experience this will be!

Anonymous said...

Shortest training?? Can't say I've ever done that. I get paranoid about training and don't think I'd attempt it. You're going to do AWESOME!!!

Colleen said...

That is fast, but I think you can do it. Your fitness from the qualifying race will carry over! ;)

Our weekend was good... totally relaxing and right up our alley!

Cory Reese said...

Sometimes a little down time is exactly what the body needs to come back strong. Good luck!