Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Christopher Martin's 5k Road Race.

That was the race I ran with two friends - Kristin and Chelsea - this past Sunday.  Also, remember we never got registered, so we just showed up, ran with the crowd, and timed ourselves (great way to race on a tight budget).  We met at Kristin's place and carpooled down to New Haven.  We got there and discovered there certainly were a lot of people.  The race was capped at 2,000 entries, so of course there would be a lot.  You also would notice very quickly how cold it seemed; not because it was cold (it was mid to upper forties), but because it was raining and it always feels colder with the rain.  While we waited for the race to start, we stood under the awning of a building attempting to stay dry and snapped a couple pictures.  As you may remember, we went dressed as three of Santa's reindeer.

Chelsea (Dancer) and Kristin (Vixen)

 Kristin (Vixen) and Me (Cupid)

And then while we were standing there waiting, a news team from Channel 8 News came over and interviewed us.  Other than crossing the finish line, this was the second best highlight of the day (aired on public news for a race we were even registered for).  The video (below) aired Sunday evening and an article was posted online HERE

Chelsea's line "I think it's going to be a perfect storm of awesomeness," is still my favorite.  She's gave that line like she had it completely prepared.  It was amazing.  But eventually the racers began lining up for the race.  And that's when you really got to see how many people there were.

Racers lined up behind the starting line.

Racers underneath the gas station ceiling attempting to stay dry just before the start.

Reindeer prior to start

It rained up until about mile #3, so we got quite soaked.  The antlers quickly got bent from the bobbing motion, Chelsea's shirt became a belt, and my shirt bled red everywhere, but we had a great time.
Reindeer post-race

We crossed the finish line and made a B-line for the car to get some warm clothes on.  Hopefully the next race will be snow instead of rain, but either way I'm looking forward to it.

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CupCake said...

It was a fantastic race and a great experience! Thanks for the support!