Sunday, July 15, 2012

88 miles of Torturous Fun

Why do we do these things? 
Why do we intentionally torture our bodies, our minds, and souls?  
Why do we sit down to schedule out repetitive torture sessions meant to slowly break our bodies and minds into submission?  
Why do we pay someone to inflict pain upon us?
Why do we suffer through it and immediately plan the next?
Why not just sleep in on the weekend like "normal" people and go to IHOP instead of getting up extra early to get in the miles before breakfast (which is 100% organic and probably vegan or paleo)?  
Why not spend the day at the pool with a good book instead of at the gym?


Saturday's Challenge: 70 mile ride
Verdict: Completed!  Finished in 4:02:00 (17.5 mph)

Sunday's Challenge: 18 mile run
Verdict: Completed!  Finished in 2:30:30 (7:48 pace)

I admit I was quite nervous about how my body would react to 18 miles.  The longest run I've done this year was 14.  I did 16 last week, but it was broken into 11 in the AM and 5 in the PM.  But I mapped it out, convinced a friend to be a mobile aid station, and that was that.  Saturday's ride, however, I felt more confident about. 

A friend recently commented to me while we were talking about Ironman training, "Eventually, your body gets to a point where you can do just about anything and it can take it."  Nothing felt more true to that statement than finishing today's run.  I used to go on 5 mile runs that would leave me in pain the next day.  Today I ran 18 after riding 70 yesterday and other than some fatigue, I felt like I could keep going.  Awesome!

Throughout the run, I asked myself one question - why do I do this?  Why get up early on a Sunday to do a long run?  Why train for the Ironman?  It's not for health reasons.  It's not for social reasons (I train alone most of the time).  It's a challenge. 


1.  Why do you train?

2.  What did you do this weekend?
Long training days, 'the usual', or a relaxation weekend?

3.  How do you feel your body/mind react to training?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


David Morgan said...

1. I train specifically to get in shape. I have been overweight for too long.

2. Over the week I usually commit to 5-6 mile runs 3-4 times a week and rest on the weekends. This weekend was a bit 'longer' because the weather was poor. (I find that motivation decreases as the weather gets worse).

3. My mind reacts poorly during* training, always trying to justify "taking it easy" or slowing down. But after* training, it's always worth it. :)

I am following your journey. Keep moving!

Runners Fuel said...

Sometimes we like to see how far we can push our bodies and our minds. Sometimes it's just for fun!